Friday, October 21, 2016

8:00 am – 9:00 am Continental Breakfast     (Cowles Library Reading Room)
9:00 am -9:45 am Welcome       (Cowles Library Reading Room)

Host’s Remarks: Marc Pinheiro-Cadd, Associate Professor of German, Drake University

Chair’s Remarks: Suronda Gonzalez, Chair of the CLAC Consortium, Director of Global Learning Initiatives, Binghamton University

Welcome Remarks: Sue Mattison, Provost, Drake University

The CLAC Clearinghouse: Dan Soneson, Director of the College of Liberal Arts Language Center, University of Minnesota; Caleb Zilmer, Ph.D. Student in Second Languages and Cultures Education, University of Minnesota

9:45 am to 11:15 am Plenary       (Cowles Library Reading Room)

Roundtable: “The Drake ‘Experiment’”  – Timothy A. Bennett, Associate Professor of Languages, Wittenberg University; Tanya Kinsella, Lecturer of German, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Marc Pinheiro-Cadd, Associate Professor of German, Drake University; H. Stephen Straight, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and of Linguistics, Binghamton University

This plenary session will recall the effects of Drake’s disbanding its Modern Language Department in 2001. For those unfamiliar with or those who have forgotten those events and the ardent conversations surrounding that decision, you may wish to read the following articles that sparked the debate. The readers’ comments indicate how controversial the disbandment was.

A University Plans to Promote Languages by Killing Its Languages Department (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Drake U.’s President on Teaching Languages (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Languages without Language Faculty (Inside Higher Ed)

Outsourcing Language Learning (Inside Higher Ed)

11:15 am to 11:25 am Break
11:25 am to 1:00 pm Session One

Option One: Connecting Through Technology     (Cowles Library 201)

“Fostering a Global Mindset through Globally Connected Courses: Lessons from the German and Arabic Classroom – Gabriele Dillmann, Associate Professor of German, Denison University; Hanada Al-Masri, Assistant Professor of Arabic, Denison University

“Pairing Technology and Service-Learning to Promote Critical Cultural Awareness in the World Language Classroom” – Ann Warner-Ault, Term Assistant Professor of Spanish, College of New Jersey

Moderator: Cindy Evans

Option Two: Engaged Citizenship       (Cowles Library Reading Room)

Service, Languages, and Sustainability in Guatemala” – Allison Krogstad, Professor of Spanish, Central College

“CLAC as Enabler of the U.S. Air Force’s Building Partnerships Capacity Mission” – Howard Jones, Professor at the United States Air Force Academy, School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, and School of Graduate Professional Military Education United

“Critical Service-Learning in the Spanish Language Classroom: Cultivating Agents of Social Change” – Carey Kasten, Associate Professor of Spanish, Fordham University

Moderator: Inbal Mazar

Option Three: Intercultural Understanding and CLAC     (Meredith 203)

“Role of Multilingualism in Global Citizenship: The Many Languages One World (MLOW) Essay Contest and Global Youth Forum” – Kathleen Stein-Smith, Fairleigh Dickinson University–Metropolitan Campus, French Language Facilitator, Many Languages One World

“Teaching Non-Western Literatures for a Global Audience: A Humanistic Reading for the Qur’an” – A. Z. Obiedat, Assistant Professor of Arabic, Wake Forest University

“Speaking (in English) About Spanish: Movie Reviews and Audience Engagement Skills for Life-Long Learning” – Gael Fonken, TESL and World Languages Consultant, St. Cloud Area Schools

Moderator: Judy Krutky

Option Four: CLAC in a Digital World     (Cowles Library 045)

“Intercultural Practices in the Digital World ” – Jose Luis Boigues, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Emory University

“Using Technology for Intercultural Communication” – Alanah Mitchell, Associate Professor of Information Systems, Drake University

Moderator: Jiangyuan Zhou

1:00 pm to 2:15 pm Luncheon       (Cowles Library Reading Room)

Keynote: Richard Kiely, Director of Engaged Learning and Research, Cornell University

2:15 pm to 3:45 pm Session Two

Option One: Assessing the Impact of CLAC     (Meredith 203)

“Measuring the Impact of CLAC” – Deb Reisinger, Director of Cultures and Language Across the Curriculum and Assistant Professor of the Practice in Romance Studies, Duke University

“Finding Practicality at Developing Global Citizens Through CLAC at Baldwin Wallace: Creating a Civically Oriented Latin American Studies Program through Synergies with Service Learning and Study Abroad Opportunities” – Karen Barahona, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Baldwin Wallace University; Javier Morales-Ortiz, Associate Professor of Political Studies and International Studies, Baldwin Wallace University

“Assessing Assessment” – Tim Craker, Penfield College of Mercer University

Moderator: Suronda Gonzalez

Option Two: Engaging Study Abroad Through CLAC     (Cowles Library 201)

Studying Abroad Anthropologically: Cultivating High-Impact Learners and Globally-Engaged Students through in-situ fieldwork and reflexive coursework” – William Pavlovich, Program Coordinator of the Global Studies Minor and Doctoral Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Binghamton University

El Camino De Santiago: Walking Students into the World” – David Herren, Senior Language Instructor, Addison-Rutland Supervisory Union, and Los Peregringos de Vermont

Building Bridges Between Cultural Anthropology and French Studies Through Study Abroad, Cultural Studies, and Service-Learning” – Marie Schein, Instructor of French, Texas Christian University

Moderator: Gabriele Dillmann

Option Three:      (Cowles Library 045)

“New Faculty-Led Program at Clemson University: International Spanish Program and Internships in Seville, Spain” – Elouise Cram, Student (Language and International Health Program), Clemson University; Victoria Pilgrim, Student (Language and International Health Program), Clemson University; Graciela Tissera (mentor), Professor of Spanish, Clemson University

Option Four: CLAC and the Language Classroom: A Conversation     (Cowles Library Reading Room)

“Design and Implement Thematic Units for Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum” – Tianshu He, Lecturer and Coordinator for First Year Chinese, Duke University

“Globalization and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning: A Culture-Based Approach to Collegiate Foreign Language Education” – Guangyan Chen , Assistant Professor of Chinese, Texas Christian University

“The Use of ‘Transparent’ Proverbs, Common Sayings, and Maxims During Early Stages of Language Instruction – Ra’ed F. Qasem, Dean at Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Moderator: Cindy Seley

3:45 pm to 4:00 pm Break
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Session Three

Option One:     (Cowles Library Reading Room)

“CLAC Across the Campus: Supporting and Implementing Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities” – Laura Zucconi, Associate Professor of History, Stockton University; Kaite Yang, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Stockton University; Daniel Tome, Director of Service Learning, Stockton University; Jiangyuan Zhou, Internationalization Specialist, Stockton University

Option Two: Culture in Language Teaching     (Cowles Library 045)

“Striving for Higher Levels: Using Foreign Language as a Tool for Content-Based Learning” – Viktoriya Shevchenko, Associate Professor and Dean of the Middle East School III, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

“Five Ways to Boost Content-Based Instrution in Lower-Level Language Sequences” – Lee Forester, Professor of German, Hope College

“Culture in Foreign Language Teaching” – Mahin Golpanah, formerly of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Moderator: Deb Reisinger

Option Three:     (Cowles Library 201)

“Unleashing Interdisciplinarity at a Small Liberal Arts College: Strategies for Applying Student Language Skills and Cultural Knowledge to Real World Situations” – Mioko Webster, Japanese Instructor, Illinois College; Laura Corey, Associate Professor of Biology, Illinois College; Steven M Gardner, Professor of Spanish, Illinois College; Emily Adams, Visiting Assistant Professor of French, Illinois College; Bernd K. Estabrook, Professor of German, Illinois College

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm The CLAC Clearinghouse Open House (Meredith 125)
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm Reception (Cash Bar)       (Cowles Library Reading Room)
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Dinner       (Cowles Library Reading Room)

Keynote Speaker: Dawn Whitehead, Senior Director for Global Learning and Curricular Change, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Saturday, October 22, 2016

8:00 am to 9:00 am Continental Breakfast       (Cowles Library Reading Room)
8:15 am to 9:15 am Business Meeting     (Cowles Library 201)
9:15 am to 10:45 am Session Four

Option One:     (Cowles Library 045)

“CLAC at Drake: An Evolutionary Process” – Maria Clapham, Professor of Psychology, Drake University;  Timothy Knepper, Professor of Philosophy, Drake University; Mary McCarthy, Drake University; Alanah Mitchell, Drake University; Marc Pinheiro-Cadd, Drake University; Dorothy Pisarski, Associate Professor of Advertising

Option Two: Translingual and Transcultural Collaborations in Language Learning and Global Education     (Cowles Library 201)

“Transcultural Awareness through Storytelling Exchange” – Beth Lewis Samuelson (Session Chair). Associate Professor of Literacy, Culture and Language Education, Indiana University Bloomington

“Translingual Korean Graduate Students: Academic Writing Strategies in the US Context” – G Yeon Park, Student in the Department of Literacy, Culture and Language Education, Indiana University Bloomington

“A Translingual Instructor’s Auto-Ethnographic Account of Teaching Freshmen Composition” – Su Jin Park,  Student in the Department of Literacy, Culture and Language Education, Indiana University Bloomington

“Translingual Practice at a Japanese-English Conversation Table at a U.S. University” – Jun Takahashi, Student in the Department of Literacy, Culture and Language Education, Indiana University Bloomington

Option Three: Successful CLAC Models     (Cowles Library Reading Room)

“FLAC: The Cornell Experience” – Lisa J. Sansoucy, FLAC Coordinator, Cornell University

“From Concept to Practice: A Snapshot of CLAC at BYU-Idaho ” – Scott Galer, Dean of the College of Language and Letters, Brigham Young University-Idaho

“Advertising, Publicity and Cultural Values” – Kathryn St. Ours, Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, Goucher College

Moderator: Inbal Mazar

10:45 am to 11:00 am Break
11:00 am to 12:30 pm Session Five

Option One: Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Professional Development     (Cowles Library 045)

“Recent Trends in Internationalization of Pedagogy: Implications for CLAC” – Katharine Krebs, Former Vice Provost for International Affairs, Binghamton University

“An Education While Educating: Lessons Learned in a Colombian Military Professionalization Course” – Jeremy Cole, Course Director, Strategy and Security Studies, School of Graduate Professional Military Education, United States Air Force

“El Puente Entre Dos Mundos: Spanish Companion Courses for Nursing Majors” – Elizabeth Fouts, Associate Professor of Spanish Studies, St. Anselm College


Option Two:     (Cowles Library Reading Room)

“Go Global, Stay Local: Community-Based Learning, Intercultural Competency, and Language Education” – Elise DuBord (Session Co-Chair), University of Northern Iowa; Jennifer Cooley (Session Co-Chair),University of Northern Iowa; Umaru Balde, University of Northern Iowa; Ashley Boose, University of Northern Iowa; Andrew Jessup, University of Northern Iowa; Shelby Snell, University of Northern Iowa

12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Luncheon       (Cowles Library Reading Room)

The CLAC Clearinghouse and Next Steps for CLAC – Dan Soneson, Director of the College of Liberal Arts Language Center, University of Minnesota; Caleb Zilmer, Ph.D. Student in Second Languages and Cultures Education, University of Minnesota